DCG Tunneling is the latest branch of the Diving Consultant Group. We are focussing on supporting your projects with up-to-date technology and high-end knowledge.

We provide experienced man-power for any hyperbaric tasks like

  • compressed air works
  • hyperbaric cutting and welding
  • diving operations in bentonite
  • saturation operations.

Despite our team of skilled technicians, we have a broad network of specialists and scientists, combining the knowledge of tunneling, welding, diving operations and hyperbaric medicine to make your project a technical and commercial success.

Our COO of DCG Tunneling, Mr Victor Carl, can look back on 20 years in professional diving and about 8 years in tunneling business. He was the responsible hyperbaric project manager for outstanding projects, such as the Nanjing Weisan Road Crossing and the Bosporus Crossing in Istanbul with saturation operations at up to 10,8 bar(g).

We are eager to support your project as well.

Please contact us for further information.